Drug Dealer Found Guilty After Narcotics Unit Investigation

Jennifer St JohnFrom March 2021 to October 2022, narcotics investigators with the City of Fredericksburg and the Fredericksburg Regional Narcotics Task Force conducted an investigation involving 33-year-old Jennifer St John. On March 21, 2021, detectives executed a search warrant at St John’s residence in the 2600 block of Princess Anne Street. Upon execution of the search warrant, detectives located approximately 40 tablets hidden inside a WD-40 can with a false bottom. Those tablets were tested and found to contain Etizolam, a Schedule I controlled substance ten times stronger than Xanax. Additionally, detectives located several grams of a synthetic cathinone commonly referred to as “molly” or “boot.” Detectives also found approximately 10 grams of methamphetamine and approximately $6,000 in cash. On March 3, 2022, detectives executed another search warrant at St John’s residence. Upon execution of the search warrant, detectives located approximately 500 grams (½ kilogram) of methamphetamine, several grams of cocaine, synthetic cathinone, and roughly $8,000 in cash. On October 6, 2022, Fredericksburg Police detectives arrested St John during a coordinated traffic stop. Detectives searched St John’s vehicle and found approximately 40 grams of methamphetamine and several grams of cocaine. Detectives also searched St John’s storage unit in Spotsylvania County and found several more grams of cocaine, methamphetamine, and Psilocybin (mushrooms). Detectives located approximately $4,000 inside a coffee maker within the storage unit. Yesterday, June 27, 2023, the City of Fredericksburg Circuit Court found St John guilty of three counts of Possession with the Intent to Distribute a Schedule I/II controlled substance. She was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with 27 years suspended. Additionally, St. Johns forfeited $17,535 in drug proceeds. St John is pending prosecution in other jurisdictions for the distribution of fentanyl. “This is excellent work by our Narcotics Unit and regional narcotics task force. This case took extensive time, and I am beyond proud of their dedication to arresting those who distribute illicit drugs in the City of Fredericksburg,” said Police Chief Layton

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