Woodbridge Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Fentanyl Distribution Leading to Fatal Overdose

A Woodbridge man, Eric Anthony Stokes II, age 27, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the distribution of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid responsible for a growing number of overdose deaths across the nation. This case highlights the ongoing struggle against the distribution and misuse of deadly substances in Virginia, particularly in the Alexandria area.

According to official court documents, the tragic incident occurred on May 16, 2019, when Stokes sold fentanyl-laced pills that directly led to the fatal overdose of a 21-year-old individual. The transaction between Stokes and the victim was orchestrated via text messages, with the latter traveling to Stokes’ residence to purchase two pills for $70. Tragically, after taking these pills, the young man was found deceased by his father the following morning, a scene described in harrowing detail with evidence of a severe overdose.


Despite the immediate aftermath of the victim’s death, Stokes reportedly continued to sell fentanyl, an action that underlines the persistent challenge law enforcement and communities face in curtailing the flow of such lethal drugs. This case serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact that drugs like fentanyl can have on individuals, families, and communities at large. The sentencing of Stokes is a step towards holding individuals accountable for contributing to the opioid epidemic, yet it also underscores the need for continued vigilance and action to prevent further loss of life.

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